They way children learn in modern times is not the same as the way we use to learn when we were children.

We are here to help you pass on your passion for tennis and its many benefits to the next generation. Not only is playing tennis good for kids’ physical health, but it also instills important values, such as confidence, responsibility, and discipline, that will serve players well throughout the rest of their lives.

Those benefits are timeless and available to every generation, but if you want to share them with Generation Z, it is important to recognise how some key things are changing since you were a kid in a junior program. Today’s youth have been shaped by technology and it shows in the way they connect to the world.
Older generations are sometimes tempted to think of Gen Z as isolated kids who prefer staring at screens to connecting with others- but that’s not totally a fair or accurate assessment. The next generation of tennis players still value a strong relationship with a coach they both like and respect.

Researchers at Georgia Southern University published their findings in the Journal of Coaching education in 2012 and have reported that Gen Z players prefer a coach who:
1 – Is caring and encouraging,
2 – Has knowledge of the sport,
3 – Knows how to deliver the message,
4 – Involves the team in decision making.

Sure, playing tennis is fun, but it is even more fun when you are kickin’ goals! With more than 15 years of experience working internationally at very prestigious locations and training centers, head coach Sergio and his team constantly make use of their expertise, experience and understanding of the sport to assign individualised goals to players, so they can work hard even outside of practice, and more importantly make use of the coaching staff’s feedback and records to improve players’ performance.

For the younger ages those very important principles are passed on through carefully designed games that will keep them engaged and will set the grounds for a very fruitful tennis life.

What is the reason we have so many families choose ‘Highlands Tennis’ as a year round sport?

The reason is, because learning tennis is fun, playing tennis is fun, but most importantly because improving and becoming the best version of yourselves is not only fun but addictive!

When you have found a sport your children love, ticks all the boxes in terms of the benefits of active life and offers them the opportunity to strive for excellence, there’s no need to shop around to other sports.

A quality coaching program provides a developmental pathway for players.


The key at this age is to encourage fun engagement, with the goal of getting children to want to come back for more.

We recommend children from 3 to 8 years old to play different sports and try new things, and children from the age of 9 years old to start to specialise and invest more time in their tennis journey.

Choose a sport they can play for life, a sport you can enjoy with them!

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