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Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and realised your life is not just about routine, but about realising your fullest potential? At Highlands Tennis, we understand that feeling all too well.

Let us guide you on a journey where each swing of the racquet is a step towards unlocking the extraordinary within you. Join us on the court and unleash your potential with our expert guidance and personalised approach to mastering the game of tennis.

We have the key to the breakthrough you’ve been seeking. Our unique program integrates over 20 years of knowledge, expertise, and experience to break free from limitations. Claim your free trial today and experience the growth and the fulfilment in your development.

Registrations for July Holiday Camps

The kids who attend our camps learn to value others by being valued themselves, and when it’s time to leave, carry away memories they will cherish for a lifetime.


Our programs are designed for children 5 to 12 years old, and they will be spending their camp days with other kids that are similar age. Our coach/ student ratio of not more than 1:8.

Camp dates:

Week 1: Mon 1st to Fri 5th of July, 2024

Week 2: Mon 8th to Fri 12th of July, 2024

Week 3: Mon 15th to Fri 19th of July, 2024


9.30am to 3pm (Full Day)


5 Days, full day: $300

3 Days, full day: $195 (Mon – Wed)

1 full day: $75 (Thu or Fri)

Our camp is all about exploring the most exciting activities and at the same time creating unique, memorable moments with friends.

Our camps are all about exploring the most exciting activities and at the same time creating unique, memorable moments with friends. They are not tennis-only camps, but when it is time to play tennis, your children will be learning from world-class coaches.

Camps are delivered at Moss Vale Tennis Club | 9 Railway Street, Moss Vale

Every day is a new crazy journey, we feature themed days such as Olympics, Carnivals, Tribes, Color War, etc. and foster values of belonging, friendship, kindness, spirit, sportsmanship, tradition and respect.

We accept Active Kids vouchers. Kindly book online and send us the vouchers to [email protected] , we will refund back into your card.

Programs for children and adults

Making a positive impact in your family’s lives is a value we share, and so we continue to explore ways to keep our families happy, motivated, learning and growing.

We are a welcoming, vibrant and nurturing team of coaches holding to the highest standards of integrity, communication and professionalism.

At Highlands Tennis, we understand that every player has a unique journey. Our story begins with a passion for the sport and a commitment to nurturing talent. From beginners to seasoned pros, our team of certified coaches is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and reach new heights on the court. With years of experience and a proven track record of success, we’ve fine-tuned our methods to cater to players of all ages and skill levels. 

Don’t let another opportunity to elevate your game pass you by – claim your free trial now and start your journey towards tennis excellence with Highlands Tennis.

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Programs For Adults

Tennis is the ‘Sport for Life’, and provides opportunities to keep healthy, stay active, socialize and meet new people.
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Programs For Adults

Programs For Children

Practice what you have learned and find confidence on the tennis court. The more you play, the more you learn... The more you learn, the more you win.
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Programs For Children

A Road Map for Children
For Enjoying Tennis For Life

The ‘Highlands Tennis Journey’ enables parents and children of all ages and abilities to have a clear understanding of their tennis progress and all of the
opportunities tennis has to offer.

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Your Children's Journey

Where teaching excellence meets an exciting, nurturing and welcoming community

Children Tennis Training Moss Vale
Pre-School - Kinder


This stage of the program has been created so that children can explore and improve their motor skills, gain an understanding of the game in a fun and positive atmosphere whilst developing a love for the sport.

Junior Development

Mini Tennis To Full Court Tennis

Players are encouraged to serve, rally, and score while refining their tennis skills in a meaningful situation that relates to the game of tennis.

Children Tennis Training Moss Vale
Tennis Academy Moss Vale
Junior Performance

Tennis Academy

When our players arrive at this stage, they have been sharpening their strokes, their agility, flexibility, balance and coordination. Now, they learn how to position themselves properly in the court (full size) and play points with a purpose, building and closing the points.


Meet The Team

Why Choose
Highlands Tennis

Tennis Coaching Program in Moss Vale


Our team is carefully selected from a
worldwide pool of candidates, from which
only the most qualified are hired.

Tennis Coaching Program in Moss Vale


Our values are: character, integrity, tennis
teaching and playing ability, in that order.
We put your children first.

Tennis Coaching Program in Moss Vale

Integrated Learning

Our teaching extends beyond the court,
every student enjoys access to collaborative
learning software and virtual classrooms.

Tennis Coaching Program in Moss Vale


Our programs provide the values,
friendships, skills, and memories that make
tennis a life-enriching experience.

Clear Communication

Our development map is designed to keep
parents and children more connected,
engaged, and informed.


The Highlands way gives children greater
self-confidence. They learn to value others by
being valued themselves.

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