Playing with your children | Complimentary access to courts and junior club membership

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We trust your child is enjoying tennis with us and hope they are trying to get you playing with them.


We are here to help you pass on your passion for tennis to your children, and/or to help you to support them in developing their own passion and interest in the sport. The unique value of ‘Highlands Tennis’ is that we are here to help you create those special moments they will always treasure.


With this in mind, Highlands Tennis has created an online learning resource to give your child the opportunity to develop their tennis skills with your help, and have lots of fun in the process together.


To gain access to the learning portal kindly find the email titled ‘Welcome Series #2’ in your inbox.


There are two ways to help them develop: Practising at home and taking them to the club.


At home: You can use small spaces, walls, beanbags, balls and even create your own types of mini nets to play the sport you love at home.


Click here to visit our Pro Shop and order some useful gear including tennis balls, racquets, mini tennis nets and clothes.


At the Club: Did you know that you can get a complimentary junior membership with Moss Vale Tennis Club when registering your children in one of our programs?


All you need to do is fill up a club registration form and submit it. Find an electronic signature email from HelloSign in your inbox titled ‘Moss Vale Tennis Club | Membership Application Form 2022’.


If you can not find it, kindly let us know and we will send you one right away




The Highlands Tennis Team

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