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Teaching and enriching lives
through tennis

The ‘Highlands Tennis Journey’ enables players of all ages and abilities to have a clear understanding of their tennis progress and all of the opportunities tennis has to offer. Our pathway is designed to give each individual a road map to enjoying the sport for life

Who We Are

We have designed our programs carefully to cater to players of all ages and levels and have thought of every little detail to make our students’ journey more engaging, and effective.
The students will explore and discover each unit and each lesson both on court with one of our coaches, and off court, by visiting our online resources, and completing tasks and quizzes. Our online pathway enables our students to easily access our courses and explore and discover the sport in a fun and exciting way.

We envision our players having healthy sweats and lots of fun during their lessons and on court work, and also revisiting the learning online, alone or with their parents and/ or siblings.

At the end of each unit, the students will test their learning using what they have learned by experiencing and playing the sport and/ or real match situations. This is also complemented with an understanding of the sport via video demonstrations, explanations of how the body works, (physics) – insight and tips from tour players – and much more.

Tennis Coaching Program in Moss Vale
Our Partners
Our Mission

We are here to pass on your passion for tennis and its many benefits to your children. Not only is playing tennis good for kids’ physical health, but it also instills important values, such as confidence, responsibility, resilience and discipline, that will serve them well through the rest of their lives.

Why Choose
Highlands Tennis

Tennis Coaching Program in Moss Vale


Our team is carefully selected from a
worldwide pool of candidates, from which
only the most qualified are hired.

Tennis Coaching Program in Moss Vale


Our values are: character, integrity, tennis
teaching and playing ability, in that order.
We put your children first.

Tennis Coaching Program in Moss Vale

Integrated Learning

Our teaching extends beyond the court,
every student enjoys access to collaborative
learning software and virtual classrooms.

Tennis Coaching Program in Moss Vale


Our programs provide the values,
friendships, skills, and memories that make
tennis a life-enriching experience.

Clear Communication

Our development map is designed to keep
parents and children more connected,
engaged, and informed.


The Highlands way gives children greater
self-confidence. They learn to value others by
being valued themselves.