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Welcome to the Highlands Tennis family

Senior Coach

Applications Open 07/06/2023
Permanent Full time coach OVERVIEW/ JOB DESCRIPTION: ‘HIGHLANDS TENNIS’ is hiring a permanent full-time tennis coach to start in…
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The ‘Highlands Tennis’ team and community are excited about your decision to join our coaching team and we look forward to working alongside you for many years to come.

We offer a unique opportunity that will look after you and those around you while emphasising continual learning, flexibility, appreciation for your work and efforts, meeting challenges and a desire for personal and professional development.

As a new member of the family, I offer you my congratulations, my encouragement and my support in helping you to a positive and productive start in your career with us. Your contribution will play an important role in the growth and success of ‘Highlands Tennis’ in Australia; as you do well as an individual, ‘Highlands Tennis’ can contribute to positively impact more people in our community.

Our values

Why Choose
Highlands Tennis

Tennis Coaching Program in Moss Vale


Our team is carefully selected from a
worldwide pool of candidates, from which
only the most qualified are hired.

Tennis Coaching Program in Moss Vale


Our values are: character, integrity, tennis
teaching and playing ability, in that order.
We put your children first.

Tennis Coaching Program in Moss Vale

Integrated Learning

Our teaching extends beyond the court,
every student enjoys access to collaborative
learning software and virtual classrooms.

Tennis Coaching Program in Moss Vale


Our programs provide the values,
friendships, skills, and memories that make
tennis a life-enriching experience.

Clear Communication

Our development map is designed to keep
parents and children more connected,
engaged, and informed.


The Highlands way gives children greater
self-confidence. They learn to value others by
being valued themselves.