Please wear cool and comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely and tennis or flat-soled running
shoes. In summer, please wear a hat and sunscreen (there will be some at each venue) and bring a water

Your child can start tennis from as young as 3 years old in lessons aimed at fast-tracking motor skill
development. Sessions designed for younger students are usually 30 minutes in length.

Each child is different in their motivation to play, abilities, and concentration levels. For this reason, we have
a number of different programs and time lengths to suit each student.
Whenever a new player comes into the Highlands Tennis program, we like to do a FREE intro session so we
can get an idea as to their current ability and goals and place them into the most suitable program.

Your Highlands Tennis coach can source a racquet for you and have it ready for your next lesson. Speak
with your Highlands Tennis coach on your first intro session.

Click here to sign up for your FREE intro session

Yes, you can enrol after the term has started. Simply sign up via the links above and a Highlands Tennis
member will call you to organise your FREE intro session.

Kids learn differently, but one of the most common and best forms of learning is through visual aids. Video
analysis gives each player the ability to see themselves play and compare their performance with that of
their previous games and/or professional players.
This enables them to understand where they are currently and where they are aiming to progress. It also
builds up a mini library of data on the improvement and changes they make over time

Highlands Tennis will make up sessions missed due to rain and notified absences. We try to make up all
lessons during the term or in the school holiday period. You can read all the Make-up details and other
terms and conditions by clicking here.