To begin I would like to name some key aspects that a coach must know and adopt according to my point of view.


  1. Passion and love for teaching and for tennis.
  2. Constant tennis and methodological education.
  3. Respect for the academy and co-workers.
  4. Understand that mutual support and teamwork will generate positive development both personally and for the academy in general.
  5. Comprehend that before working with tennis players, we are working with people.


As a coach, my philosophy is based on the following points:


Use the practice of tennis as a comprehensive training tool for people. I firmly believe that through the practice of tennis we can transmit very important values ​​to the community, such as sportsmanship, respect for the rival, camaraderie, effort, discipline, among many others. Which aims to contribute both in the sporting facet of people and in their personal lives.


Encourage and promote physical activity with the sole purpose of improving the physical and mental health of our community in a pleasant environment.


Teaching and development at the tennis level through a program created by our group of professionals, whose mission is to improve different fundamental areas (motor skills, technique, tactic, game situations, etc.)

At last but not least, in my opinion, the basis of motivation is to create an environment where people have fun. We cannot forget that tennis is a game! and that many of our clients are kids, who need amazement, and entertainment, to turn on their imagination and playful activities in general. Let’s remember that they learn through movement, and more importantly, through play.


Andre Tapia | Head Tennis Coach

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