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9 Railway Street, Moss Vale, 2577

Welcome to Moss Vale Tennis Club

Welcome to the Moss Vale Tennis Club.  The club for young and not so young where we cater for both the competitive and the more socially inclined players.

Located in Railway Street in Moss Vale. Coming from the direction of Bowral, pass through Moss Vale shopping centre on Argyle Road past the park on the right hand side, then immediately after the overhead railway bridge, turn left into Railway Street.  The courts are also a short walk from the Moss Vale Railway Station.

Since 2003, we have been working to improve our facilities and now have rebound ace surfaces on all five courts and excellent night lighting for night competition.

Programs for children and adults

Making a positive impact in your family’s lives is a value we share, and so we continue to explore ways to keep our families happy, motivated, learning and growing.

We are a welcoming, vibrant and nurturing team of coaches holding to the highest standards of integrity, communication and professionalism.

We are always striving to find new and better ways to serve our community and provide a fresh, personalised and enjoyable experience to every person interested in joining or visiting our tennis community.

Programs For Children

Practice what you have learned and find confidence on the tennis court. The more you play, the more you learn... The more you learn, the more you win.
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Programs For Children

Programs For Adults

Tennis is the ‘Sport for Life’, and provides opportunities to keep healthy, stay active, socialize and meet new people.
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Programs For Adults

A Road Map for Children
For Enjoying Tennis For Life

The ‘Highlands Tennis Journey’ enables parents and children of all ages and abilities to have a clear understanding of their tennis progress and all of the
opportunities tennis has to offer.

Tennis Lessons Schedule




4 PM – 5 PM

at Moss Vale Tennis Club

9 Railway Street, Moss Vale, 2577

Starts Thursday 21st of July

COST: $200 per term (package of 8 sessions | 60 minutes each)

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4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

at Moss Vale Tennis Club

9 Railway Street, Moss Vale, 2577

Starts Monday 18th of July

COST: $200 per term (package of 8 sessions | 60 minutes each)

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5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

at Moss Vale Tennis Club

9 Railway Street, Moss Vale, 2577

Starts Thursday 21st of July

COST: $200 per term (package of 8 sessions | 60 minutes each)

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Your children's Journey

Making A Positive Impact
On Little Lives Through Tennis

Do you want your child to develop great self-esteem, discipline, social skills, and fitness? Learning tennis is a great way to develop these skills plus more.
We’ve been training children of all ages and levels from beginners through to seasoned players. It’s amazing to see their tennis journey build lesson-on-lesson.

When on court, our coaches are constantly making use of their expertise, experience and understanding of the game to assign individualised goals to players, so they can have a clear understanding of what they are working on at a particular moment in time, and can compare this with the developmental milestones integrated in the ‘Highlands Tennis’ journey.

Tennis Training Moss Vale
Tennis Training Moss Vale
Pre-School - Kinder


This stage of the program has been created so that children can explore and improve their motor skills, gain an understanding of the game in a fun and positive atmosphere whilst developing a love for the sport.

Junior Development

Mini Tennis To Full Court Tennis

Players are encouraged to serve, rally, and score while refining their tennis skills in a meaningful situation that relates to the game of tennis.

Tennis Training Moss Vale
Tennis Academy Moss Vale
Junior Performance

Tennis Academy

When our players arrive at this stage, they have been sharpening their strokes, their agility, flexibility, balance and coordination. Now, they learn how to position themselves properly in the court (full size) and play points with a purpose, building and closing the points.

One on one lessons

Private lessons

Individual private tennis lessons are coached by qualified and experienced team members via sessions that encompass all aspects of the modern game. Lessons are customised to the individual needs of the player to help them attain the outcomes they desire.

Cost | A$80 – $100 per participant/ per hour

Upon consent, video analysis is a key component in private tennis lessons, and there are different length lessons available (30, 60, 90 minutes) depending on the individual.

Junior Tennis Coaching
A holistic approach to coaching tennis

Other benefits of playing tennis

From a psychological standpoint, children who play tennis develop skills and strategies that will also serve them well in life off the court.Because they’re out there on their own, and often calling their own lines while competing, children learn to accept responsibility for their actions, decisions and mistakes, and can begin to manage these more effectively.

They must learn to respond to adversity, adapt to different situations and environments, and deal with stress, often compounded when scores are tight or if they’re losing. Both in practice and competitive environments, tennis fosters work ethic, discipline, and sportsmanship in children, and hones their strategic and problem solving skills.

Tennis also fosters social skills – children learn about the importance of teamwork when playing doubles, and benefit from the necessary communication with singles opponents before, during and after matches.


Meet The Team

Client Testimonials

Why Choose
Highlands Tennis


Our team is carefully selected from a
worldwide pool of candidates, from which
only the most qualified are hired.


Our values are: character, integrity, tennis
teaching and playing ability, in that order.
We put your children first.

Integrated Learning

Our teaching extends beyond the court,
every student enjoys access to collaborative
learning software and virtual classrooms.


Our programs provide the values,
friendships, skills, and memories that make
tennis a life-enriching experience.

Clear Communication

Our development map is designed to keep
parents and children more connected,
engaged, and informed.


The Highlands way gives children greater
self-confidence. They learn to value others by
being valued themselves.