Some benefits of playing tennis

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There are countless benefits to playing tennis. Here are some examples:

? Tennis is a game of emergencies and problem-solving. It requires alertness and tactical thinking. It has been scientifically proven that playing tennis generates multiple new connections in the brain more than any other sport; which encourages continued brain development.

? Playing tennis is a great way of meeting people, spend time with friends, widen social circles and build networks. It gives you the opportunity to work on communication, fair play, respect for the opponent, coaches and officials and many other social skills.
? Tennis is not an individual sport! Under proper guidance, an entire team of coaches, players and parents will be there for you to discuss your next match or provide feedback on the previous ones. And what about doubles?
? Mental and psychological benefits range from building self confidence and self esteem in young players including reducing stress and maintaining cognitive abilities in adults and seniors. 
? Several studies show how tennis can help improve mental awareness, and assertiveness, lower levels of depression and helps the player to portray a positive image of themselves, build resilience and develop self-control, all the while having fun and playing an outdoor sport.

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