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Mabelle Rivas


Mabelle joined the Moss Vale Tennis Club at the age of 15 years old as a player in our junior tennis academy, and also participated in Cardio Tennis and took regular private lessons.

From the first day, she displayed on top of her performance as a player, all the characteristics and traits in her personality that would one day make her an incredible coach. At 16, she joined the team as a junior coach and she is now a stellar member of our team.

A Tennis Australia qualified coach, she is well-liked equally by children and adults. During the term, she specialises in Hot Shots and programs for children of all ages and levels. Over the holiday period, she runs the most wonderful holiday camps in the region.

If you see her around, don’t hesitate to say hello. In return, you will get the friendliest smile and the deepest insight into our junior tennis world.