At the core of our programs is an innovative, practical philosophy called ‘a game sense learning pathway’. This means playing the game of tennis, or modified versions of the game, is the central feature of ‘Highlands Tennis Academy’ programs.
The game- sense learning pathway means that the tennis coach sets up realistic tennis game situations, in either singles or doubles, so that the beginner players can learn by playing the game. It also allows the tennis coach to give relevant information so that the player can put into practice immediately. Finally, the game- based approach helps players to learn the rules of tennis and scoring right from the start of their tennis journey.
A very technical approach to teaching is not best suited to beginner players, many of whom simply want to play.
A more game- based approach to coaching is therefore suggested as a suitable alternative to the traditional technical approach as a means of teaching beginner players. This comes down to helping players to play from the first lesson by basing the activities around the game situations in tennis.
Fun: players are actively engaged, excited and motivated to participate.
Tactical/ Play: players think and make decisions about meaningful tennis situations.
Skills: players have plenty of opportunities to improve their tennis skills.
Social: Players build social skills such as working cooperatively with a partner, building friendships, encouraging teammates and showing sportsmanship during game play.
Players are encouraged to serve, rally, and score while refining their tennis skills in a meaningful situation that relates to the game of tennis. Activities that will promote these outcomes may require modification.
These modifications commonly involve adapting equipment (e.g., smaller racquets, low compression balls), court size (e.g., scaled courts) and tennis skills (e.g., substituting on overarm serve for a drop and hit serve) to promote greater success.
A quality coaching program provides a developmental pathway for players.
Our programs are designed so players develop fundamental skills in movement, physicality and mental determination in a fun environment.